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Meet The Grateful Geezers!

We are one of the most popular and versatile variety bands in Texas. Based in Houston, our group of consummate professional musicians specializes in classic songs of the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. From rock & roll to soul, R&B to 50s Doo Wop, blues to zydeco and Texas country, we do it all!

The Grateful Geezers play across Texas at festivals, fund-raiser galas, corporate events, wedding receptions and private parties. We also perform frequently at Greater Houston/Galveston nightclubs and restaurants. If you would like to see a list of special events and commercial venues where we've played, just call us at 281-728-4605 or send us an email and we would be delighted to provide the information.

Why are The Grateful Geezers the entertainers of choice for so many diverse events and audiences?

The Grateful Geezers create a fun atmosphere wherever they play, from the smallest private party or club to the major festivals. As the title of their three popular CDs happily announce, “It Ain’t No Crime To Go Back In Time.” Audiences have a ball dancing and singing along to the songs they grew up with. Requests are always welcome!

The Grateful Geezers

Vocally, The Grateful Geezers feature Carl Davis whose versatility is unmatched. Rock, soul, country, standards, blues - you name it, he can do it all The band also features saxophonist and vocalist Greg Gonzales. The rythm section features Rick Richards on drums, Ken Woodard on bass and vocals, and Cliff Faldowski on guitar, guitar synth and vocals.

People have fun at The Grateful Geezers shows. They dance, laugh and go home happy. And that’s what The Grateful Geezers are all about!